penile implant surgery

there are many treatments believe it ornot for erectile dysfunction and many times we see on tv commercials thatadvertised pills that can treat this problem. believe it or not, there are also othertreatments that are available above and beyond all the pills. in fact30 - 40 percent of men that tried pills might not have a goodresponse to such medications. and many

penile implant surgery, men might suffer from a side effect fromthe actual medication itself. so for such men, i normally recommendthat there are other treatments out there like vacuum pumps, penile injectiontherapy, urethral suppositories or believe it or not minimally invasive surgery such aspenile implant procedures that can be

done for this. at einstein we offer allof these aspects of treatment and we even have a referral based practice forsurrounding communities as well as surrounding states the treat patientsfor these for this type of a problem itself is something thatcomes with many myths and i try in my office to debunk the many myths that areassociated with surgery. penile implant surgery has time-testedlarge rates and high rates of satisfaction and many of our patientshave had an excellent outcome after undergoing surgery and after suffering for years and in some cases decades from this devastating problem.

erectile dysfunction really can be asign that there is a blood flow problem within your body that's leading to theissue at hand. many times i tell patients that theirnumerous causes such as heart problems, vascular disease, diabetes, neurologicconditions, trauma, the side effects coming from medications or a combination of these factors. age alone is not a reason for a man to have difficulty witherections and i often encourage men that

penile implant surgery

that have erectile dysfunction to seekthe consultation of their primary medical doctor or an erectiledysfunction specialist to help understand their reasons for having thisproblem and undergo the appropriate

testing that they need to undergo inorder to help treat the condition appropriately.


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