a popular herb that has been used for itsmedicinal benefits for thousands of years, medicinal ginseng has three main types: american,siberian and panax. ginseng is believed to have several healthbenefits, many of which are said to improve sexual dysfunction. panax ginseng, in particular, is believedto benefit men suffering from erectile dysfunction

erectile, by producing steroid-like effects. this herb has also been known to increasecirculation and lessen anxiety. when applied topically, it can also help mento not ejaculate prematurely. men use ginseng for erectile dysfunction forseveral different reasons.

panax ginseng contains ginsenosides, whichare compounds that produce steroid-like effects. research has suggested that ginsenosides mightimprove sexual function by increasing the amount of nitric oxide in the penile tissue. nitric oxide plays an important role is relaxingthe muscles of the penis and allowing the area to fill with blood. this action is essential in achieving an erection. two additional benefits of using ginseng forerectile dysfunction is the herb’s ability to improve circulation and reduce anxiety. increased circulation might improve bloodflow to the penis, while decreased stress

levels might make it possible for men to relaxand achieve an erection. american, siberian, and panax ginseng areall believed to have these effects on the body. creams that contain ginseng can also be appliedto the penis to prevent premature ejaculation. studies have shown that ginseng might be effectiveas a topical agent when used in combination with other ingredients. depending on the specific issue from whicha man is suffering, a topical ointment could help him sustain an erection and improve erectiledysfunction. while studies have produced positive results,experts are not convinced that ginseng is

an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.


men who want to begin using ginseng for erectiledysfunction should first consult with their physician to determine the safety of the herb. people suffering from heart problems, insomnia,diabetes,and hormone-related disorders should be especially careful when taking ginseng,as the herb may worsen their condition.


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