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stimulate the penis by embracing your feet and performing rhythmic, sliding movements. it is also possible, stimulation involving rubbing and massaging the one feet. these and other footjob techniques you will see later in the lesson. my dear students i invite you to the most awaited lesson. today we are talking about foot fetish and we will focus not only on theory but also in practice. ufff you ready ????? your sexmasterka is always ready!

hard penis, foot fetish foot fetish is a variant of fetishism, one of the most common forms, which consists in achieving sexual arousal and satisfaction with the partners foot. this people achieve sexual fulfillment by touching, kissing, licking, sucking, tickling or smelling foot and toes.

foot fetishists have their favorite types of feet - small, large, thin, thick, with a high instep or flat, long or short fingers with painted nails or not. foot fetishism is associated with the legs, shoes, tights and stockings, which are separate fetishes. there is the fact that the feet and genitals are represented by the adjacent areas of the sensory cortex of the brain. mental illness some women internet said: i met the guy and he is wonderful but there is one thing... he too much care of my feet, he massages but also kissing and licking and smelling my shoes... i'll feel weird with that feeling and embarrassed me, on the other hand, i dont want to take this pleasure from him, but it worries me that he didnt tell me about his dark side and i'm afraid that he is mentally ill.

seriously? why do women have such strange thinking. i'm glad when my fiance every day has a newer fetishes. women immediately call it a mental illness.for me sick is to be boring in sex, doing one position throughout all life and treat this very universal theme as something forbidden. hypocrisy....fetishism is as old as the world, it involves sexual fascination with a particular part of the body or clothing and there is many different fetishes. there is nothing wrong, this is not violence physical or mental. this is not the infliction of pain, it is not a humiliation. for me, this is one of the lightest fetish. many of guys have this kind of fetish. and especially my students always write to me about feet,right sweetheart? examples of the foot fetish common form of foot fetish is footjob - sexual behavior, a man introduces hard penis between girl feet. or between the toes of her feet and takes the pelvic thrust until ejaculation. or girl stimulate the penis embracing her feet and performing their rhythmic sliding movements it is also possible stimulation involving the rubbing and massaging member of the one foot- chinese massage.

in most cases, the men are preferred women with small and manicured feet. this is preferred by people who have a lot of erogenous zones located on the feet or by men who are foot fetishist. perfect feet look more than half of the 2,000 men surveyed admitted that draws attention to the shape and appearance of women's feet. one in three said that they even based to formed a final opinion about the girl: her character, attractiveness and personality. how perfect feet looks like? well, the ideal is 38 foot size, displayed on a high, even 7-8 centimeter-heeled boots with bare fingers. toenails should also be painted - the best red color.

hard penis

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