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if you're just joining us, we are continuing our coverage of the ominous music thatis sending panic across the nation. the suspenseful music was first heardthroughout the country at 3:10 eastern standard timethis afternoon sending citizens and government officials on high alert.

new erectile dysfunction drug, something really bad is going to happen, i can just feel it. we go now live to washington correspondentjane carmichael with an update. hi andrea. -jane do we have any moreinformation on the source of this music? well andrea the ap is reporting the ominous music is being caused

by an intrepid young journalist who is currently rifling through a classified government dossier.-okay, i see. but moments ago the new york times'website posted a story claiming that the music may be linked to a group ofwealthy, recent high school graduates speeding along a winding road in a red convertible, screaming and laughing with the hubris of youth. -okay.-at this point we just don't know. okay now we've been informed that police nationwide are on the lookout for attractive teen girls wandering by themselves. -yes, yes they are and experts say their chances of being hacked to pieces

by a knife-wielding maniac have increasedover 600% since the music began. i'm sorry jane, i'm just getting wordthat we've got some footage of that now. i think it's just joey doing this,he must be playing a prank. come one joey, knock it off!it's not funny joey! come on, stop! interesting lead there, but janeis the telephone watch still in effect? yes absolutely. officials are saying not to let your phone ring suspensefully two or three times because the callwill likely be completely harmless, a neighbor or a friend but be very careful after you hang up. when you're standing there relieved, that is when the horrible event

is most likely to occur. -okay. fema is attempting to bring an end to the music using a variety of strategic phrases but so far it's been unsuccessful. let's go now live to cedar rapids, iowa. come on, it'll be fun. wait for me guys. what's that shadow in the water? if that wasn't you, and that wasn't me,then what was it? watch how a real man does it. no developments there as of yet,now jane i understand president obama

has been taken to an undisclosed location,can you confirm that jane? well you know andrea, there is no authoritative word but apparentlythe white house... oh my god!oh my god!

new erectile dysfunction drug

jane? jane? okay, we seem to have lost that signal but we'll bring you more informationas soon as possible. moving on, a new erectile dysfunctiondrug that works by chemically lowering a woman's expectations.


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